• Cleaning of stained marble with professional cleaning product
  • Previously stained marble totally cleaned after treatment


As with all physical materials, marble installations and natural stones in general need a certain amount of maintenance for them to be as good as day one.

We offer an extensive variety of maintenance services for your installations, giving you the opportunity to enjoy and admire your home or office without worrying about the marks of passing time.

Preserve the beauty of your installations by choosing Alfa Marble’s maintenance services including:

  • Cleaning of surfaces
  • Restoration of color
  • Filling of cracked surfaces
Application of professional colour intensifier on marble surface

Interested in our maintenance services?

If you need any kind of maintenance service for your installations, Alfa Marble can provide you with high quality professionals that will restore them in the best possible way.

Professional products

The products we use for the maintenance of your installations are tested thoroughly and comply with the highest standards.

Even if you are a DIY person and prefer to do it yourself, you can get the same products that we, as professionals, use.

Other Services